Trash Fire

by Mangas

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released February 16, 2015



all rights reserved


Mangas Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Livin' the Dream
Livin' the dream
Like fruit from the tree
I'll sell it to you
You sell it back to me

Goat bender
Food repair
Recycled beer

Perpetual motion
Will set us free
I'll sell it to you
You sell it back to me

Squirrel oil
Pet Tattoo
Yoga Photo
Duct tape shoes

It all works out man
Let's exchange the fee
I sell it to you
You sell it back to me

Antique rental
Meditation cart
Bicycle readings
Moped bar
Art for the homeless
Adult playground time
Vegan sushi
Delivery chicken supplies

This can be our party
If we all agree
I'll sell it to you
You sell it back to me
Track Name: Kids in the Bar
Oh oh, whoa whoa

Your ID looks pretty good
Still it feels like a crime
So you're an young twenty six
Well, will you look at the time

What did I miss
This has gone too far
Who let all these kids
Into the bar
I don't read the paper
Don't watch TV
I'm here all the time
The joke's on me

Oh oh, whoa whoa

I've never heard of that band
You make them sound really great
So your and old twenty three
And I'm a young thirty….

Who let these kids in the bar
Did the drinking age change
It hurts my mind
Feelin' strange
Chills up my spine
My blood runs cold
No, it couldn't be me
I don't feel old

Oh oh, whoa whoa

Let's pretend it's the eighties
And mess up our hair
It all seems so exciting
Unless you were there

Deep in the heartland
People grow in rows
Just how they look so fresh
God only knows
Now it's getting crowded
Hard to find a seat
The air is thick
Smell the meat

Oh oh, whoa whoa
Track Name: Eye of the Goat
Pace the room face to face
Tilt to the left with a smile
They're whispering that your so hot
I wouldn't risk a trial

It's plain to see, you are a lizard
Scales smooth and shining
I see with eye of the goat

Weaving in all around
Like your not here at all
Whatever you're hunting I don't know
But the prey must be small

I can see, you are a ferret
rubbing in the musk
See with eye of the goat

See the statue of a woman
With a delicate poise
You will fly away
Without the slightest noise

I see you owl, even in this night
Turn all the way around
See the eye of the goat (x9)